Security Matters

We get it. That’s why at ServNT we take it really seriously.

Your data is important to us – but it’s even more important to you, so we take our responsibility to look after it really seriously. Every feature we add starts and ends with a conversation about security and it’s always on our minds.

What do we do to keep your data safe?


Firstly, encryption. Your data is always encrypted. We use strong, reliable encryption methods, we salt every single record with both a master and a unique salt, per item. All communication between ServNT and your devices is over TLS and all payload are additionally encrypted with a private key encryption. So you know your devices are only talking to our server – and no one else.


When ServNT executes code on your device, you remain in control of what it can and can’t do. An easy to maintain, local blacklist exists on every device that only you can change. If a word or group of words exists in there, we can’t override it.


We’ve architected ServNT from day one to take your security seriously. We’re aware of all the usual suspects for attacking cloud based services and we’ve put in several layers of defence, against each one. We run on our own servers and we’ve hardened the environments against attack.


ServNT integrates with DuoSecurity, to provide two factor authentication, should you chose to use it (and we recommend you do!). This helps ensure no one but you can get to your precious data.