ServNT is your

Case management
Team communication
CRM & Project management
Company management



ServNT runs anywhere on anything. All you need to do is start using it.


ServNT handles case communication between your teams and your clients so well, you won’t need anything else.

Be your cloud

Want to offer multitenant services, like Exchange or cloud? ServNT manages that, too.

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ServNT manages staff KPIs, device metrics and gives you insight into all aspects of your business.


ServNT manages client billing for projects, cases, time and resources.


ServNT gives you control over you & your client’s IT environments.

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Manage Devices

ServNT is more than just a ticketing system or a really cool CRM. We can also manage your devices, directly.

Manage Servers

Windows Servers

ServNT keeps track of what’s going on, on your Windows Servers. ServNT tracks the things that actually matter to IT staff and alerts you when there’s something you need to know about. ServNT tracks resource utilisation, installed applications and suspicious behaviour. Instead of flooding you with useless data, ServNT tells you when there’s something you actually care about.

ServNT can directly control Windows Servers via curated powershell scripts, which allows you to manage complex and powerful tasks, at a helpdesk level, in a secure and safe fashion, giving you the ability to assign advanced tasks to level one support. Our blacklist and script management systems ensure that people can only make approved changes.

Manage Routers


ServNT can use SNMP to pull data from your routers, allowing you to see real time and historical information about network traffic, congestion and the things that matter most on your network. ServNT gives you a high level overview of your all your networks, in one dashboard, allowing you to drill down for further information, when necessary. ServNT keeps you informed of network spikes and odd behaviour, so you know about problems as soon as they start happening.

Multi-tenant Support

Multi-tenant support

ServNT is multi-tenant aware, allowing you to run your own multi-tenant environments, such as Hyper-V and Exchange. You can outsource basic account management to end users and clients and build your own cloud. ServNT helps you manage redundancy between hardware devices and maintains VLAN, Software Defined Network and Software Defined Storage principles of WIndows 2012 and upwards. ServNT is the cheapest and most reliable way to establish a multi-tenant environment, without per user costs.