About ServNT

Let ServNT do the work for you.

Easy Setup

Setting up with ServNT takes hardly any time at all. With custom data imports and simple client installs, it only takes a moment to get ServNT working for you.

Manage Infrastructure

ServNT can manage Microsoft Windows Servers, PCs, Hyper-V, Exchange, DPM, Active Directory and just about anything else that your business or clients use. Routers, switches and other devices can be monitored via ServNT, giving you a total picture of your IT environment.

Modular Design

Modular design allows you to assign roles and actions only to the right people. Staff can be assigned the ability to control various workloads, such as Hyper-V or Exchange and our simple control panels allow helpdesk staff to safely perform tasks usually reserved for more experienced admins.

Manage your team

With slack, email and SMS integration, as well as internal messaging and chat, ServNT helps you manage the way you work. Managers can track team workload and customers can get real time information about equipment and support cases.

Powerful Analytics

Detailed information on your staff KPIs, case load, projects and infrastructure make ServNT a powerful tool to manage your business. Useful dashboards prevent people with the information they need, as they need it.

Secure. By design.

ServNT has been designed to be secure from the ground up. 2FA, database segmentation, secure code and strong encryption of all data ensures you’re in good hands.

What is ServNT?

ServNT is a cloud based, total management solution for IT companies, organisations and teams. Unlike traditional IT management tools, ServNT manages the entire business process, from infrastructure, to case load, CRM, project management and staff performance. And we do it all in a single, easy to use, fun and secure way.



ServNT lets your whole team manage complex and evolving systems, through advanced automation. If it can be controlled by PowerShell, SNMP, Bash or Perl, ServNT has you covered.

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ServNT doesn’t just manage infrastructure – we look after your entire business. CRM, Project Management, staff KPIs, support cases – we even work with Braintree and Stripe to handle payments. With email, SMS and slack integration, everyone’s always in the loop.

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ServNT is architected from the get go to be secure. From database design & coding, to the way we interact with your equipment, we’ve put security first and foremost in all out thinking. Your systems remain under your control, with layer upon layer of security designed to ensure you’re never exposed to nasty risks.

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ServNT lets us run a lean and effective team, to manage a huge number of clients. We’ve brought infrastructure, HR, CRM and accounts under control, all with one system. We were up and running in under a day and we’ve never looked back.